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Fusilli Corti col Buco


Short spiral shape, which makes you hungry just looking at it. It is the “spindles” of the spinning machines that gave the name to this type of pasta, originally from Campania: it derives, in fact, from the ancient tradition of twisting spaghetti around a knitting needle, with quick and skilful gestures. There is no escape for the dressing, which binds to this whirlwind of taste and creates an indispensable combination of flavor.

Perfect with: Creamy sauces with cheese or vegetables or in fish recipes

Cook it like this: Boiled “al dente” into plenty salted water and mixed in a pan with sauce

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PGI Gragnano Pasta, 100% Italian durum wheat.

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Weight 0.5 kg
Tabella nutrizionale

For 100g: ENERGY: 354 Kcal, Fat 1,30g (of wich saturates 0,3g), Carbohydrate 70,0g (of wich sugar 3,3g), Fibra 3,3g, Protein 14g, Salt <0,01g