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Mezzanelli Tagliati Lisci


Short shape with a narrower diameter than the Mezzani. The Mezzanelli Tagliati Lisci are a typical Campania pasta shapes, famous for being cooked “allardiato” spotted with fresh tomatoes, as tradition dictates.

Perfect with: Fish or vegetables sauces

Cook it like this: Boiled “al dente” into plenty salted water and mixed in a pan with sauce.

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PGI Gragnano Pasta, 100% Italian durum wheat.

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Weight 0.5 kg
Tabella nutrizionale

For 100g: ENERGY: 354 Kcal, Fat 1,30g (of wich saturates 0,3g), Carbohydrate 70,0g (of wich sugar 3,3g), Fibra 3,3g, Protein 14g, Salt <0,01g