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Also loved by children for their particular shape which is inspired by the world of mechanics, the Radiatori are made up of concentric fins inside which the sauce fits well. For the full shape they are ideal for rich and decisive condiments, with medium-long cooking that manage their intensity well.

Perfect with: Vegetables, meat or cheese sauces

Cook it like this: Boiled “al dente” into plenty salted water and mixed in a pan with sauce

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PGI Gragnano Pasta, 100% Italian durum wheat.

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Tabella nutrizionale

For 100g: ENERGY: 354 Kcal, Fat 1,30g (of wich saturates 0,3g), Carbohydrate 70,0g (of wich sugar 3,3g), Fibra 3,3g, Protein 14g, Salt <0,01g