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Christmas Coffer (with Paccheri pasta, moka and tomatoes) + Apron


The perfect Christmas gift for gourmets people: a mix of Gragnano PGI Di Martino pasta and Paccheri, a special shape of southern Italian cuisine, bronze drawn and made with 100% Italian wheat to which they are added Corbarino tomatoes, an elegant Christmas edition apron with Pin-up and a Di Martino Coffee Maker.

1 x Spaghetti

1 x Linguine

1 x Tortiglioni

1 x Penne Mezzani Rigate

1 x Mezzi Rigatoni

1 x Paccheri

2 x Corbarino Tomato can

39 in stock

1 x Moka Woody - 3 cups (Copia) (Copia)

2 in stock

1 x Christmas Pin-Up Apron

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Weight 5.5 kg