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Nutritional table

Per 100 g

ENERGY : 354Kcal
FATS : 1.3g (di cui saturi 0,3g)
CARBOHYDRATES : 70,0g (di cui zuccheri 3,3g)
FIBERS : 3,3g
SALT: <0,01g

Penne Mezzanelli Lisce


Short pasta shape, the diameter is the same as Mezzanelli, smooth texture and oblique cut. Penne Mezzanelli Lisce, with their porous surface thanks to bronze drawing, they catch the sauce, enhancing its flavor with every bite.

Try it with: Fish or vegetables sauces.
Cook it like this: Boiled “al dente” into plenty salted water and mixed in a pan with sauce.
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Additional information

Cooked in 10 minutes

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