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Pastificio di Martino: Pasta makers since three generations

Pastificio Di Martino has always made PGI Gragnano Pasta by mixing the best 100% Italian durum wheat semolina together with the spring water coming from Monti Lattari. The extrusion of the dough through bronze die and the peculiar drying process at low temperature confer pasta a very rough surface, able to enhance the seasoning and keep the wheat aroma intact.

The gift box

The 3 special editions born to celebrate the Italian excellence including exclusive accessories designed by Dolce&Gabbana.

The colorful placemats included in the “Special Edition”.


The gift box contains:

N. 1 Spaghetti 500gr
N. 1 Linguine 500gr
N. 1 Elicoidali 500gr
N. 1 Fusillata Casereccia 500gr
N. 1 Paccheri 500gr
N. 2 of Lampadina tomato 400g each
N. 1 apron limited edition designed by Dolce&Gabbana stylists exclusively for Pastificio Di Martino.

Special Edition

The gift box contains:

N. 1 Spaghetti 500gr
N. 1 Linguine 500gr
N. 1 Rigatoni 500gr
N. 1 Tortiglioni 500gr
N. 1 Conchiglioni 500gr
N. 2 tins of Corbarino Tomato from Monti Lattari.
N. 2 limited edition placemats designed by Dolce&Gabbana stylists exclusively for Pastificio Di Martino.

The Original

The gift box contains:

N. 2 Spaghetti 500gr
N. 2 Penne Mezzani Rigate 500gr
N. 1 Paccheri 500gr
N. 1 Apron designed by Dolce&Gabbana


– al dente in 8 minutes

Long circular shape whose appearance evokes a twine. They immediately bond with everybody tasting them: impossible to resist them, especially when paired to simple and genuine seasonings.

Penne Mezzani Rigate

– al dente in 10 minutes

Short shape, featuring the same section of Mezzani, a striped surface and an oblique cut. They are perfect with meat or cheese sauces.

Mista Corta

– al dente in 9 minutes

This mixture of small shapes comes from the old families habit to keep various pasta shapes left-overs and put them altogether into a single soup, usually legumes or vegetable-based.


– al dente in 13 minutes

Great classic of the Neapolitan tradition, they are believed to be so-called because, when blended with their sauce, they recall the sound of a slap, a “pacchero” indeed. Their strong point? Versatility! Put them in the oven, sauté them in a pan or make a sweet seasoning and serve them as a dessert.

Avvolti a Mano

– al dente in 8 minutes

In the past, in Gragnano, pasta was used to be sold hand-wrapped into blue sugar paper called “macaroni paper”.

You can also find the Autentica, the Special Edition and The Original in our stores

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