Every “where” has its own “because”

For over 100 years the wisdom and ancient gestures of 3 generations of pasta makers have been mingling with pure local spring waters and the best 100% Italian durum wheat, to bring the unique taste of our PGI Gragnano Pasta to the tables of the world. Bronze-drawn and slowly dried at low temperature, Di Martino pasta smells of wheat, is tenacious in cooking, and holds the sauces perfectly thanks to its porous surface. Over 100 formats to experiment in the kitchen and fall in love with the many facets of taste

Di Martino Experience

Elegant and cozy showrooms, our Pasta Stores aim at putting everybody in contact with the extraordinary world of PGI Gragnano Pasta.

An original and captivating total pasta formula: the unique experience of our Pasta Bar.

For those being in a hurry, all the taste of our pasta is translated into a handy take away solution: here you are La Devozione, Spaghetti with tomato sauce according to Pastificio Di Martino.

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