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Nutritional table

Per 100 g

ENERGY : 354Kcal
FATS : 1.3g (di cui saturi 0,3g)
CARBOHYDRATES : 70,0g (di cui zuccheri 3,3g)
FIBERS : 3,3g
SALT: <0,01g

Mezzi Paccheri


This special pasta shape owes its name to the fact that it measures exactly half of the most common Paccheri pasta, but is still longer than the Calamarata pasta. The excellent consistency allows you to particularly appreciate the taste of our PGI Gragnano Pasta, and the shape makes the Mezzi Paccheri incredibly versatile, perfect for a rich variety of combinations and also suitable for oven preparations.

Try it with: Rich sauce with fish, crustaceans or molluscs or for meat, cheese or vegetables recipe
Cook it like this: Filled and baked, stir-fried in a pan or fried, ideal for a crunchy appetizer like a finger food filled with mousse, delicious salads or fresh tartare.
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Additional information

Cooked in 13 minutes

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