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Nutritional table

Per 100 g

ENERGY : 354Kcal
FATS : 1.3g (di cui saturi 0,3g)
CARBOHYDRATES : 70,0g (di cui zuccheri 3,3g)
FIBERS : 3,3g
SALT: <0,01g



Long format, similar to Spaghetti, with a thicker diameter and very ancient origins. Thanks to its versatility, it lends itself to the most varied combinations and also goes well with fast and traditional condiments, such as a classic tomato and basil sauce or a timeless garlic, oil and chilli pepper.

Try it with: Crustaceans or molluscs sauces, vegetables, meat or cheese recipes. If its boked, it’s delicious in a legumes soups.
Cook it like this: In a pan, mixed with the sauce or broked and cooked directly inside the soups.
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Additional information

Diameter 2.10 mm
Cooked in 10 minutes

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